Chiriqui: the best natural environment for your retirement

Angelo Martinez

By Angelo Martinez

The Chiriqui highlands is a place that any lover of the countryside dreams of. If you have already retired or are about to take this big step, you may be wondering where is the best place to enjoy your retirement.

Every year the number of people who choose the Panamanian nation as the ideal destination for their retirement increases. On this occasion we would like to suggest the charming province of Chiriqui, located in the Republic of Panama.

Map of Panama's provinces with Chiriquí highlighted.

Chiriqui is an undeniably beautiful region. It has a diversity that includes mountains, beaches, endangered birds and the tallest mountain in panama. Each of these places can be enjoyed on a tourist trip, but it’s only when you decide to retire to Chiriqui that you will you truly appreciate the charm of this province.

If you want to know the benefits of enjoying your retirement in this region, read on to the end.

Boquete, Chiriqui

Location, history and climate of Chiriqui

Chiriquí is the third most important province in the country. It is located in the western part of the Republic of Panama and the border-limits are: to the north by the province of Bocas del Toro and to the east by the province of Veraguas. To the south is the Pacific Ocean and to the west is the Republic of Costa Rica.

In 1519, the Spanish captain Gaspar Espinosa discovered it and proceeded to conquer it.

Although the natives lost their land to the Spaniards, the name they gave to this region remained. Chiriqui is a term coming from the indigenous people who inhabited this area and means Valley of the Moon.

The climate in this region is generally warm in the coastal areas but the highland towns like Volcan and Boquete enjoy spring like weather all year long. Even in the rainy season, typical mornings are bright with sunshine, then clouds roll over the peak and rain drenches the fertile countryside for an hour or two before clearing. March is the hottest month of the year. On the other hand, October is the coldest month with an average minimum temperature of 73° F. During the months of August until the beginning of November you will be able to enjoy a cool climate, appropriate for touring the most beautiful and diverse landscapes of Chiriqui.


Advantages of enjoying your retirement in Chiriqui

Chiriqui will allow you to escape from the stressful and rapid pace of the big cities. There you will be able to discover a more peaceful and healthy lifestyle, very appropriate to face this new stage of retirement.

If you love the countryside, this is a place you should seriously consider retiring to.

The Chiriqui Highlands are a favorite destination for ex-pats and property investors alike. The climate suits most, excellent hospitals are nearby in David, and Boquete has shown how prices in the rest of the area can, and probably will, rise dramatically.

We all want to live in a place that is bursting with beauty, and with just a quick Google search or a look at the gallery on our website, you will be blown away by the beauty and uniqueness of this place.

Did you know that this is the only area in the world where you can find the endangered quetzal? Yes, this is another of the gifts of this Panamanian region. The quetzal is a beautiful bird with a spectacular tail and shiny feathers. It is a protected species and has been recognized as the most beautiful bird in the Americas with such symbolic meaning to the history of panamamians. This makes Chiriqui a favorite destination for birdwatchers.

Another advantage of choosing this region is that it is good for your health.

The fresh mountain air is good for your lungs. In addition, you can eat local food, naturally grown crops, this means you can buy from local farmers and vendors.

In this way, you will not only include healthier and less processed food in your diet, but you will also be able to easily acquire fruits and other crops typical of tropical climates. Chiriqui is one of the regions with the highest agricultural and livestock production in the country.

The Baru Volcano, the Gulf of Chiriqui, the rivers and beaches are much more than just tourist attractions. Each of these places is a therapeutic tool to combat stress and other ailments.

As a retiree in Panama, you will find recreation and relaxation in these places. Only, unlike tourists, you will be able to enjoy the richness of this province every day of your retirement.

But, in addition, this excellent region has as its provincial capital the city of David, considered the third most important city in Panama and a shopping hub. It offers many of the services that you can find in the capital: hotels, airports, hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, national and international banks.

In short, everything you might need if you want to occasionally leave the countryside or settle in the city itself. For cheap prices, you will have access to a wide range of gastronomic and cultural offers to liven up your evenings.

Remember: life in Chiriqui will be as exciting or as peaceful as you want it to be.

landscapes in Chiriqui

Why retire in Chiriqui Panama?

If you have come this far, you are probably wondering what Panama has to offer pensioners. One of the answers to this question is its Pensioners’ Programme, one of the most attractive in the world.

You should know that, if you are eligible for this programme, the Panamanian government favours with numerous tax exemptions and discounts on services to all those who take advantage of the pensionado programme.

If you need more information on how to retire in Panama, you can access other articles on our website.

If, on the other hand, you have already decided to enjoy your retirement in Panama and you are interested in buying a property here, check out for sale by owner properties.

Retirement is a time of life in which you will face many changes. It pays to be prepared to make the best of it. And although retiring to another country may seem like an extreme solution, it is actually a valuable opportunity to give yourself the life you always wanted and could not have had before.

In Chiriqui you can incorporate the experiences you have accumulated over time into your daily life, but also acquire new and stimulating ones. In short, live life to the fullest!

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