Volcan Serenity Mountain View Home

Why should I buy in Volcan, Panama?

The fact that International Living, has once again chosen Panama as the number ONE retirement destination above nine others, is a good start.

The fact that Volcan has possibly the best climate in the world, is a good second. Third; well you can buy this dream home for less than you would pay in a close neighboring town. If you want to add the stunning 24/7 views you have of Panama’s highest peak - the fresh mountain air and finally the oodles of serenity you will find in this unique location and home - then I think you will find your next five minutes looking at this add will be time well spent.


I will take you on a walk through this home and property, showing pictures of each feature as we come to them - but first a few details of what is in store.

FEATURES: The house has a total of 2960 square feet.

Its 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an office, a meditation room and even a sauna. It has an income producing guest cottage. And all this sits on 19375 square feet or just short of half an acre.

OK, Lets start with a tour … Imagine yourself at the front gate and you are walking up the driveway.


To your left is the casita or guest house - but we will return to that later if you don’t mind.

As you can see there is a small garden between the main house and the guest cottage. Looking between the houses you can see the Tizingal mountains. On a clear starry night you can see the Pole star low on the horizon. There is little or no light pollution here so on a new moon night there is a truly heavenly surprise awaiting you.

side yard

front yard

To the left of the house is the meditation room. In the center is the sitting room and to the right are the spacious view windows of the living and dining rooms.

The patio and garden are big enough to host a decent size garden party or barbecue - this writer has enjoyed many such occasions in this home - if you love to entertain- then you have found your ideal location.

OK.lets move inside the house. Here are a few pictures of the main living room.

living room

living room

As you can see the room has high cathedral type ceilings and windows with views to all the surrounding mountain ranges. Don’t worry the cute looking spiral staircase is more or less for show - there is a proper staircase at the other end of the house.

Lets pass through the open archway into the dining and kitchen area.

living room

In this picture we see the dining table to the left and we look back through the archway into the living area.


The kitchen is spacious and well appointed with oak cabinetry throughout. Note the island cabinet that has space for wine bottles and many drawers for kitchen appliances.


Moving down the hallway from the kitchen we first come to a sitting area. Serenity, is something this mountain home delivers abundantly.

sitting area

Next to the sitting room is the bright ,sunny relaxation room.

sitting area

sitting area

This room has ample space to lay a Yoga mat on the floor. The south and south east view means that the warming, relaxing sunshine will flow in virtually the entire day.


The downstairs bedroom adjoins the relaxation room and comes with its own ensuite bathroom and shower.

STAIRS, what about the stairs?

Many people when we reach our golden years (please don’t ask how old I am) simply cannot handle climbing stairs. The beauty of this home is that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CLIMB STAIRS, if you don’t want to. Everything you need is all on one level; Kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, relaxation room, laundry room.

For guest and family members that can manage stairs … let me take you up the stairs to the loft and gallery.

These stairs lead off the relaxation room and take you up to the loft/gallery area.




Three views down the loft/gallery. On the right in the second picture is the door to the sauna, which is surrounded by a walk-in closet.


Across the loft hall is the upstairs bathroom.


Looking down from gallery into the main living room you catch sight of the Tizingal mountains.

living room

A little surprise; The owner tells me he converted one of the smaller bedrooms into a walk-in closet for his wife. The view from the closet window provides one of the most outstanding views of the Baru Volcano.

NOTE: The white building you can just see in the middle ground is Volcan’s new Emergency hospital. Yes, this is open for foreign residents.

View from the front

As the old T.V commercials used to say’ Wait there’s more!”

Remember the income producing guest house or casita we showed at the beginning. Lets finish our tour with a look inside.


Casita kitchen

Casita bedroom

The guest cottage has a single bedroom but 2 bathrooms. It is compact but makes an ideal holiday home and has a track record of steady rental income.

Casita living room

That concludes the tour of the Serenity mountain home and guest cottage. Thank you reading this ad.

This home is offered for sale (by owner) at: $249,900 USD.

That buys the home - the serenity … well, as another ad states: that is priceless!

$ 249,900


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