VOLCAN's Magnetic Hill.

David Dell

By David Dell

Look at the picture above. The car is approaching the top of a hill near the town of Volcan, Panama. Other cars following can also rise to the top of this hill- but the main difference is… they will have their engines turned off and they will simply roll along without any power.

Looking at the rood from the hill

This the view of the hill looking from the East. If you want to experience this phenomina, then pull over to the right of the road at the bottom of the hill. Either turn off your engine or leave it in neutral . .. then ease off the handbrake. Trust me the car will slowly start to move forward and then gradually the speed will increase until you get close to 20 kilometers an hour. Definitely put on your hazard flashers so as not to effect other drivers.

Magnet sign on the road

This sign was put up by the government to help the tourists, The sign was quickly taken down as drivers would stupidly try to coast down the hill and right after the brow. This was quite dangerous. as drivers coming over the crest at full speed would not see you.

PLEASE do not try this coming from the West but only from the bottom of the hill approaching from the East.

Car on the road

I first discovered this strange occurrence back in 2005 when Tehani de La Guardia, a local realtor took us for a drive. I remember saying this is definitely weird.

Being the ever inquisitive person that I am I immediately rushed back home and searched my equipment for a laser spirit level and a magnetometer.

I returned to the hill and after half and hour I discovered the secret.

This road to Paso Ancho was originally fairly flat with just a slight rise. This I know from talking to a man who worked on the original road construction. The road sits in the shadow of Volcan’s highest peak the 11,400 foot high Baru Volcano. There is considerable underground activity here. A local onion farmer recalls that 30 years ago the area to the south side of the road was flat. His onion patch has risen about 30 feet since then. This has caused the road to rise in a way that the engineers had not contemplated.

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