Panama Longbons Estate, Located in Chiriquí Province.

The eternal spring climate of the Chiriquí highlands has long been a favourite with Hollywood’s elite. John Wayne and William Holden frequently came to Chiriquí to relax in the days when this part of Panama was almost unknown to the outside world. In past years Sean Connery and Mel Gibson have come to sample the fresh mountain air. So what is the attraction of the Chiriquí highlands? In simple terms - the climate.

The LONGBONS ESTATE is located near Cuesta Piedra on the southern slopes of Panama’s highest peak; The 11,400 foot Baru Volcano. The estate house is only a few years old so was never visited by the rich and famous. However, as you walk the hallways and gaze up at the high cathedral ceilings, you may well ask yourself the question, is this the kind of house a star of the silver screen would live in? … Absolutely!

The property consists of two parcels of land. They can be sold together or separately. The house is 4506 square feet and sits on 2.669 acres.

The price is:$790,000 USD

The adjoining raw land situated to the west of the main parcel is 2,666 acres.

The price of this section is: $161,850

However, if you purchase the combined house and raw land together the price would be lowered to: $875,000 - a savings of $76,500

view from property

living room

living room

The property is located on the newly paved Volcan to Boquete highway -locally named the Orange Blossom Highway, due to 14,000 hectares of Navel oranges that grow there. The property can also claim its share of orange growing trees (maybe not quite as large as its neighbours) also the property has lime, lemon, banana and mulberry trees.

living room

This is home to many happy dogs (look closely the dog is actually smiling) He should be happy because the property is fully fenced and he and his four legged buddies have a 400 square foot fenced dog pen.

I think the best way to describe this house and its many outstanding features is to take you on a walk-through - starting in the east hallway. As you looked down the hall, that almost extends the entire length of the house, to your left is the office.


True, many of us want to get away from the office environment, but lets face it, there are always emails to be answered, recipes to be printed out and Facebook likes to be filled out.

Across the hallway to your right is the entrance to master bedroom. The owner tells me that this room, more than any other, gets the most ooh’s and aah’s from visitors. The kingsize bed has a view out to the mountain. To your right are some library stairs that go up to a Yoga meditation loft.


Then you enter the star attraction… the bathroom.



To the right of the vanity is a seating area with a view window. Then get ready for another Wow! as you look down a short arched corridor to the shower area. These are the details you would expect from a French chateau. Needless to say there is also the obligatory walk-in closet.



Back in the hallway we proceed to the living room - but first we need to look right into that all important area - the utility room.

utility room

Next to the utility room is a pantry and guest toilet. Note that the washer and dryer are mounted up on a small riser - no more painful bending to load the machines. These are the important little details that you will find throughout the house.

Next you enter the living, or a better description would be the “Great Room.”

living room

living room

living room

On your left as you enter the great room is the kitchen. On the day these photos were taken the sun was streaming in and lighting and warming the entire room. Cooking here would be an absolute pleasure.

The kitchen is well appointed with high-end appliances: Instant hot water dispenser, wine cooler, garbage disposal, dishwasher, 5 burner stove and two ovens - 1 electric and 1 propane gas. There is even a bread making counter.



view from the window

Water comes from the local CUEST DE PIEDRA water system. The water is pure and does not require treatment with chemicals. The cost for a years water is an unbelievable $80.

voclan Baru

The north facing windows allow you a clear view to one of Panama’s most outstanding attractions: The 11,400 foot Baru Volcano. This majestic mountain is occasionally shrouded with mists or cloud, but one thing you can be sure of - it will always look different and it will always take your breath away.


You may wonder why anyone would need a fire in tropical Panama? During the rainy season you might just want to snuggle up to this gas powered fire during the cooler evenings.

living room

This is the entertainment room located at the western end of the house.

Here you can enjoy Big-screen, Surround-sound, High-definition movies and videos.

living room

guest living room

Also located on the western end of the house is this fully equipped guest quarters. This two level suite has its own utility room, washroom, kitchen and private outside balcony.

guest living room

view from balcony

The guest suite is an income producing bonus with a high occupancy from bird watchers.

Panama has over 900 species of birds. “Birders” come here from all over the world to see and photograph them, in many cases the birds can be seen directly from the balcony of the guest suite or from the estate grounds.

This guest suite is also advertised on the VRBO website (Vacation Rental By Owners)

see the listing on 217366


The main entrance way is covered so no more worries about leaving or entering during rain storms. This has room to park two vehicles.

This cute wooden shed houses the ride-on mower. To the left of this structure is a building, that for most men is a retirement dream-come-true - a fully functional workshop.

The workshop has a full bathroom set up so could be converted into an additional guest suite or servant’s quarters.

patio workshop

patio workshop

This workshop also produces many ooh’s and aah’s from red blooded males.


patio hot tub

The north facing patio deck features a wide verandah and a hot tub.

From here you have wonderful views to the Baru Volcano and the Tizingal mountain.

Also on the north side there is a trail down to a private deck on a stream. A quarter of a mile away is the Macho de Monte Canyon. This is one of Panama’s most exciting water experiences.

voclan Baru

This is the view from a hill on the western edge of the property. The property has been legally sub-divided into two sections. The eastern section on which the house is located is 2.669 acres and is offered for sale at: $675,000 USD (Negotiable)

The western section of raw land is 2.666 acres. This is offered for sale at: $161,850 USD So if you purchased both sections separately that would add up to $836,850


There is a discounted price offered if you buy both sections.

$ 790,000


Name: Either Lynn or Jerry


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