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Funny Panama Cartoons.

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These 141 cartoons have been drawn by David Dell and are free to be used in either private or commercial outlets.

David would love to have feedback on his art if possible.

Here is his email address.

Thank you.

About the cartoonist.

David Dell

David Dell is very new to the cartoon business. He only started when Covid-19 had him quarantined in Panama.

His inspiration is from the late, great British/Canadian cartoonist: Jim Unger. Jim and David share similar backgrounds being from dear old England and they both ended up in British Columbia, Canada.

In May 1982 Davids photo was alongside one of Jim’s cartoons on the front page of the Vancouver Sun Newspaper. David laughed at Jim’s cartoons then and still does. Sadly, Jim Unger passed away in 2012.

Talking cartoons

Check out all of of Davids talking cartoons on his YouTube channel.

The cartoons

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