20 years

Images of spiders, scorpions and snakes in Panama

Spiders, scorpions and snakes are something we normally do not wish to be reminded of. Ocassionally lack of knowledge can be a deadly thing. If you have been bitten by something its useful to be able to identify it (assuming you are still alive) this helps in obtaining the correct anti-dote. Scorpion bites don’t normally kill you (it just feels like your dying)The same goes for tarantulas. If you are allergic to bee stings etc. then that presents a problem, because anaphalactic shock could set in from an otherwise non-fatal bite. In the tropics always carry anti-histamine as a short term solution. Don’t panic, don’t apply ice and get others to get you to medical assistance.

Snake bites can be deadly. Always wear high boots and trousers in long grass.One life saving African-remedy is to unhook the high tension lead from the spark plug of a gasoline engine and with the engine running pass the sparking lead along the vein or artery around the bite. It will hurt, but this method has saved countless lives. It de-natures the poison.

Snake with prey in its mouth

This is a rare picture of a snake, in the act of carrying off a mole. I told the snake not to move, while I rushed to get my camera, amazingly, this receptive reptile did just that. I think the mole was dead as I couldn’t see it moving.

Copper colored snake

Occasionaly, you get the chance to take a picture where the subject is cooperative - this snake, which some locals said was deadly, stood quite still while I steadied the camera. It was about 3 feet long and the head was about a half inch wide.


Again another helpful subject - you simply ask them to stay still and pose for the tourists, amazingly, they do just that. With the aid of a flash we can see the fine red hairs on this 6 inch long Tarantula. Found near a lake, west of Volcan.





two snakes

There is a rhyme which tells you that the coral snake pictured here is not one of the deadly variety:“Red on black is a friend of Jack, but red on yellow could kill a fellow.” If you are colour blind - just stay well away from all snakes.