20 years

Pictures & Map of Puerto Armuelles

Puerto Armuelles is a small town on the Pacific coast of Panama. It is located in the Chiriqui Province, near the border of Costa Rica.

The nearest airport to Puerto Armuelles is DAVID CITY, about 1.5 hours drive. Panama City is about 7.5 hours drive (nah! take the plane).

The beaches are safe to swim with little or no rip tides. The ocean is always as warm as bathwater, but the beaches are mainly a brown volcanic sand.

Pictured below typical street scenes from the area known as Carmen. This was formerly known as “Silver City” because of the bright silver galvanised corrugated iron roofs. These were the homes of the banana workers employed by the United Fruit Company.

It is possible to pass through the PETRO TERMINAL just south of Puerto. This is now once again a booming oil shipment facility. After the disaster with the EXXON VALDEZ, oil shipment through Puerto dwindled to nothing. Now oil is pumped through the trans isthmus pipeline in BOTH directions.

The streets in Puerto are tree lined with many different stores and pharmacies.

Panama’s “Key West” awaits you.