20 years

It's Goodbye! From editor: David Dell.

David Dell

By David Dell

Sydney Tremayne

After nearly twenty years running this website, I am finally calling it quits.

Don’t worry, A new editor: Angelo Martinez is set to take over and he promises to continue the work started by founding editor Sydney Tremayne.

It has been a great and certainly not boring journey. History, mystery and the odd serial killer thrown in for good measure. We have tried to honestly tell the great story that is modern Panama. A good country full of truly great people.

Hopefully, my cartoons have raised the odd spirit here and there.

Ivan Flores

It would be amiss of me not to mention my late, great friend Ivan Flores. He and I tracked through swamps, mountain trails and many long roads in search of the history of Chiriqui. Two books have been written based on the stories we uncovered.

Together, we tried to run a local newspaper. Sadly the lack of advertising led to its demise. My greatest hope is that fellow Panamanians will remember this great man and the wonderful stories he helped uncover.

Good Bye Panama, forever in my heart.

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