Coronado is Panamas ideal beach town for family recreation

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Coronado is a destination that attracts tourists who love the sand and the sunlight. Coronado Beach is a popular destination for a relaxing getaway, and many people even dream of retiring there.

Just the idea of enjoying the tropical climate, palm trees, clear blue skies and the constant swaying ocean breeze is exciting. However, the higher-than-average real estate prices in Coronado Beach can be a bit daunting for some, especially compared to other spots in Panama.

In this post we tell you about the many options available in the wonderful coastal town of Coronado. Whether you want to retire near the beach or just want to take your loved ones to party for a few days, Coronado is an idyllic place and can also be very affordable. Welcome to the beaches of Coronado Panama!

Location, climate and history of Coronado

The city of Coronado belongs to the province of West Panama and is located on the idyllic Pacific coast. You can access it relatively easily from anywhere in the country. For example, the trip by car from panama city usually takes only about an hour.

It is important for you to know that in Costa Rica there is a place with a similar name: Vasquez de Coronado, not to be confused with Coronado in Panama.

The weather in Coronado Beach tends to oscillate between humidity and heat. In this area, April holds the record for the warmest month of the year, perfect for sunbathing and swimming! June, on the other hand, is the coolest with a temperature of 84.2 F°. Although 84.2 F° probably seems like a warm or cool temperature to you, but never cold. The coolness in this month comes from the humidity left behind by the rainy May afternoons.

The history of Coronado dates back to the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. They settled in the region of Los Llanos del Chiru and the Anton area. The contact between the prairies and the ocean must have captivated them as well.

In 1941, Roberto “Bob” Eisenmann founded the city inspired by the idea of creating a place for family recreation. From then on, a process of urbanization began. Instead of dirt roads, asphalt streets were settled; and later Coronado had its own chapel, public school, condominiums on the beach and other buildings that were essential for the functioning of the city. Little by little the dream of its founder became a reality.

The Coronado condominiums became famous for being the first of their kind to be built in Latin America, gaining popularity and mass adoption in the region.

Beach in Coronado Panama

Coronado’s great treasure: its beaches

This is the main attraction of the region and the reason why locals and foreigners visit Coronado every year. This coastal city has more than 15 beaches, each one of them has a particular beauty and several benefits for you. For example, Coronado Beach is a wide and extensive beach that captivates with its blue waters and is one of the best known by visitors. Palmar Beach is among the best beaches in West Panama. Its turquoise waters and soft sand will seduce you instantly. This is a beach of free access and free of charge.

Meanwhile, Coronado Dog Beach is ideal for those who find it hard to get away from their pets and want to take them for a dip. There, dogs of all sizes and breeds run from one place to another, filling themselves with sand and salt water, while their owners watch. You will be surprised to know that despite the number of canines you can find, the beach is always kept clean.

The beaches of Coronado have all the necessary conditions to spend a fun and cozy time. You will find stores where you can rent hammocks, umbrellas and snorkeling equipment; as well as bars, restaurants and businesses where you can taste typical and international food.

Exciting tours and experiences in Coronado

Coronado has several places that deserve to be visited at least once in a lifetime. This is due to the beauty of its landscapes and the richness of its history. The tours that take place in the city are wonderful and allow us to learn more about the history of the town and its architecture.

Places like the Altos de Campana National Park and the Coronado Bible Church are excellent places to enrich our culture and knowledge of the Panamanian nation. As well as the experience of visiting the Embera indigenous people located in the vicinity of Coronado and the Chagres rainforest. In each of these tours you can get in touch with the cultural, historical, geographical and religious traditions of the nation.

In Coronado there is the opportunity to accumulate diverse and exciting experiences. For example, in case you want an adrenaline rush you can opt for Skydive Panama, a skydiving center where you can make a jump in the company of a highly qualified instructor.

The Saloon Hair Wellness offers excellent leisure and relaxation services. In this city you can also practice golf, participate in horseback riding tours or taste the representative dishes of the food of the region.

In addition, there are many gift stores in Coronado should visitors wish to bring back a souvenir from the region or surprise family and friends. Nido Shop, for example, is a small store that focuses on involving local tailors and artisans with indigenous ancestry to make their products. This explains the level of detail in their woven bags and the colorful style of the garments they make. Prices vary depending on size and material.

Cost of living in Coronado

Although Coronado represents one of the main tourist centers in the country that attracts a significant number of tourists and pensioners every year, its offers were designed to satisfy all demands.

So, just as there are beaches whose service can be expensive, there are others where it is free or much cheaper.

Many expats living in Coronado say that a budget of $2,500 per month is enough to cover all their expenses; such as rent, household expenses, entertainment and utilities. However, this amount can vary depending on the lifestyle of each person.

We can say that Coronado is part of a geographically favored territory. The beaches, the diverse places of entertainment and the tropical climate constitute only a small part of all the attractions it has.

Coronado has places capable of igniting your imagination and filling your body with vitality. In fact, this resort community originated with this idea in mind: to provide families with a place where they could relax and enjoy their surroundings.

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