BOROJO; treatment for cancer?

David Dell

By David Dell

Cancer is something that frightens most of us. It scares me because my sister had it, my father died from it and four years ago my wife was diagnosed with it.

Several years ago I was making video documentaries on various alternative medicines and treatments that seemed to hold out the hope that cancer could be beaten. Royal Rife’s radio treatment gave me great hope and I was really enthused about shark cartilage. They had some effect for sure - but “cures” sadly, they were not.

A few months ago I wrote an article on Jorge Quintero Rubio, Volcan’s Tropical wine man. He gave me some Borojo wine to drink. The positive effects of this fruit drink were obvious but Jorge really intrigued me when he said he had given a Borojo and Noni concentrate to a man in the nearby city of David and this man claims it cured his cancer.

I decided to investigate this further, maybe this was another “phantom” miracle cure, or perhaps there might be something to the story. After all I had been trying Borojo for months and its energy and mental stimulating qualities I found clearly evident

Borojo, for most of us is an unfamiliar fruit. It is large, brown coloured, about the size of a small watermelon. Some articles claim one pound of Borojo has the same amount of amino acids as three pounds of fresh meat.

Other people claim it can treat arterial hypertension, balance blood sugars and there are even claims it is an aphrodisiac.

In Columbia the University of Santiago in Cali carried out research in which they discovered Borojo contained a substance called “Sesquiterpelantond.”

Which they claimed inhibits cell growth in harmful tumours and showed promise for treating cancer.

Armed with this knowledge I met with Roger Acosta, a 51-year-old Religious studies teacher in the Panamanian city of David. Roger told me he had contracted cancer twice. The first time in 1999 the cancer was in his colon and a portion of the colon was removed. Three years later in 2002 he was diagnosed with liver cancer. At this time Roger, a deeply religious man, accepted, what he believed was his inevitable fate and declined surgery and chemotherapy. He felt an operation would be too traumatic.

For a week after his diagnosis, Roger told me he prayed heavily. Three months later he met Volcan wine man, Jorge Quintero Rubio and tried Jorge’s Borojo and Noni concentrate. He took a small glass of the mixture three times a day and miraculously within two days the pain and the inflammation from his cancerous liver began to cease.

In addition to the oral medicine Jorge Rubio made a poultice from the Borojo and applied this externally to the affected area.

Roger Acosta tells me he had sonographs taken before his Borojo treatment and they showed multiple lesions of the liver. After the treatment the sonographs showed no lesions at all.

Today, in July of 2006 Roger Acosta remains healthy and regular check-ups reveal he is still cancer-free.

Background checks to Roger’s co-workers and to the hospital where he was examined, indicate that he did indeed have cancer and now it appears he is perfectly healthy.

Medically it is possible that Roger could have “Cured” himself by his strong religious beliefs and positive visualization. “Spontaneous Remission,” is the term the medical profession gives to such cases where no logical or scientific reason exists.

Is Borojo a viable treatment or possible cure for cancer? Only a North American clinical trial can answer that. The problem is that a study for FDA approval could cost hundreds of millions of dollars and then the company that funded the trial would have little or no copyright protection because Borojo is a natural product.

At the moment Jorge Quintero Rubio is not set up to export his Borojo / Noni concentrate. If you carry out an internet search for “Borojo” you will find the product offered by several companies.

Wishing you good health

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