Las Olas Resort & Las Brisas Del Mar Condominiums

Las Olas Resort and Brisas Del Mar Condominiums are located a 20 minute drive south of the Chiriqui City of David.

The Las Olas Beach Resort was started in 2001 and has since grown to include beachfront lots and houses

Could the dream become a reality?

Have you ever had the dream of living on a Pacific Ocean beach? Have you imagined the wonderful peace and tranquility you would feel as you would walk, hand in hand with your best friend along miles of wind swept beaches, seagulls wheeling above your head, the fresh, warm air invigorating your very soul?

That wonderful dream can become a reality.

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”Standing on the beach at Las Olas and watching those magnificent 12 foot waves crashing down was the closest thing to Hawaii, I have experienced anywhere in Central America.”

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